CADWorx Structure Webinar: Connection Detailing Workflows with Parabuild
Thursday, February 1

Date: February 1, 2018
Time: 10:00AM CT click here for your local time
Duration: 60 min
Cost: free eSeminar

Aimee Ferguson                                           Rudy Joris                                             Jef Joris
CADWorx & Analysis Solutions                  Parabuild                                             

This session will cover how a designer can utilize the CIS/2 export and import functions in CADWorx Structure to efficiently move the design model into a structural detailing package such as Parabuild for connection design. The CIMsteel (CIS/2) integration standard is used to support the CADWorx Structure bi-directional data import/export for structural objects. By reutilizing the structural design model in the separate software package, projects will save many modeling manhours and increase accuracy by reducing the number of errors introduced by manually reproducing the structure. Through the life cycle of the project, updates can continue to be pushed through the CIS/2 interface to keep both design and detailing models up to date.

This webinar includes demonstrations from both CADWorx Structure 2018 and Parabuild 4, showcasing the common workflows that a designer will perform in tandem with a structural detailer during the life cycle of the design and detailing processes. Parabuild is an intuitive 3D structural steel detailing system where creating a connection between members is as easy as selecting the members and choosing between the filtered list of connection options that Parabuild proposes. The connection, with all its parts and bolts, is immediately drawn on screen from which rapid, automatic fabrication shop drawings are produced including CNC files.

Topics and demonstrations include:

• Workflow considerations: Structural design in CADWorx Structure, export to Parabuild Steel for structural detailing
• Advantages of CIS/2 transfer as opposed to remodeling or referencing
• Tips for import/export mapping
• Introduction to detailing in Parabuild Steel
• Roundtrip of structure model, including modifications and additions

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